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What is the Power Program?

The Power Program is a special tracking system to help your business grow!! This program allows you to focus on weekly goals & activity within a monthly program.

What does it mean to achieve the power program?

There are 4 different levels you can work towards.  You can break down each one into a weekly focus. For example, to achieve the Perfect 8 by the end of the month, you would complete 2 parties, 2 interviews (Career Surveys) & place a $200 wholesale each week. (2+2+$200ws). To complete a Perfect 12, you would complete 3 parties, 3 interviews & place a $300 wholesale each week.


- Special recognition

- Strategy Call

- Fun gift box in the mail from Julia

Submit Your Results

Submit your weekly activity to Melissa every Monday by 12pm (EST). 
(Just take a picture of your tracking sheet & vox it to Melissa)

Submit your end of the month numbers by the 5th at 10pm(EST)…showing your total number of parties held, facials, guests/interviews, wholesale production and new team members.

Power Program Achievers

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