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The Mary Kay Opportunity

I am thrilled that you are getting a quick peek into the Pink World I am so passionate about.  Hopefully, this will create a spark in your entrepreneurial spirit and gets you excited about the possibilities of this business!

Being your own boss, enjoying flexibility, deciding for yourself how much you want to put into your business means you're in charge of your future.  That's an option women in every walk of life appreciate.


While this business may be for you, or it may be absolutely perfect for an entrepreneur you know, i'm just happy to have you here and celebrating an amazing opportunity for women!


The $100* Starter Kit is more than a bag. It’s a beginning.


The first step to starting your own Mary Kay business is getting your very own Starter Kit, which comes in a stylish bag.


It includes these must-haves and more:

  • Full-size products for demonstration, including skincare, hand treatments, eye makeup, and more!

  • Samples to share with your potential customers.

  • Brochures and Online Training with easy-to-learn sales tips.

  • Special offers for new Independent Beauty Consultants (hint hint, you can get MORE full sized product!)

*We know, asterisks are annoying. They make cute things less cute. But we put it here to let you know that your kit is $100 + shipping, and your state might require you to pay sales tax.

Put yourself in the driver's seat...


Chevy Malibu LS

or up to $425/mo

Chevy Equinox 

or up to $500/mo


Chevy Camaro 2LT 

or up to $500/mo


Chevy Traverse 1LT 

or up to $500/mo


Chevy Colorado LT 

or up to $500/mo

Cadillac XT5 Luxury 

or up to  $900/mo

Did you know...

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