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Hi! I’m Melissa Linton

I’m a business mentor, coach, beauty consultant, director & leader in Mary Kay. I’m passionate about the Mary Kay opportunity and how it enriches women’s lives.  I’m here to guide you as you build a business that blesses everyone it touches. Including you. Especially you. I know when you give 100%, when you’re all in, that you are powerful beyond belief. Let’s trade in fear and uncertainty into a life and business you love.

I’m here to bring out your brilliance.

I'm also here for 

...endless slow-mo high-fives

...working hard 

...celebrating progress, not perfection & community

...personal growth

...lifting up 

...good soulful conversations

...dreaming with you

...supporting your persistence

...encouragement to get back up

...celebrating the small wins along with the big ones


I am all for stretching you. I am for excellence.


And you’re here.

Your wonderful, messy, fantastic, creative, scattered, joyful, everyday, inspired, crazy life is normal here. There’s a fire in your belly. I love that. I feel it too. I want to help you shine even brighter, beautiful. I’m with you in the trenches & at the mountaintops. Let’s do life.

I’m not promising your business will be all unicorns, puppies and a non-stop atm/chocolate fountain.

I’ve been broke.

I’ve been broken.

I’ve been both.


I always find my way again.

A way to gain courage.

A way to get back up.

A way to grow.

A way back to abundance.

A way back to joy.


I’m here to support you in growing your business by equipping you & empowering you.  I believe small steps over time make a big difference. I’m about determination and working with excellence. I’m all about getting comfortable getting uncomfortable. I believe a significant factor that will determine your success is the simple act of getting up and moving forward each and every day.

How did I get here?

Before Mary Kay, I was a gymnastics coach and preschool teacher. I loved coaching, teaching & working with the kids. On the flip side, I was surrounded by negative (and dramatic) women, which made it difficult to enjoy my job. The struggle was real & put me on the search for something new & more positive!

A little later...


My sister-in-law was getting married & had all the girls over for a little bridal pampering.  At this girls’ night out, I learned about my skin & how to take care of it. I also heard what the Mary Kay business opportunity had to offer:  freedom, flexibility, being your own boss, endless income potential, and a sisterhood of positive and supportive women. 


Sounded awesome!


However, I never really wore a lot of makeup, minus mascara and eyeliner.  I had no sales experience, knew nothing about skincare or cosmetics, and I was really busy (like every other human being). So, I put the opportunity in my back pocket. …until that next week.  My husband was let go from his job. We had just recently moved into our new home without selling our condo first (don’t do that), we didn’t have a huge savings account, or a Plan B.  Something needed to change and we needed some extra cash, so I decided to start my own Mary Kay business in August of 2009!

Ever since…  

I love connecting with new people, building relationships, and making an impact. I love working hard & running after challenges. I have set & have missed goals…a lot! Being a former collegiate athlete has taught me how to get back up after falling down, and to keep striving for what’s important.  I have fallen in love with what this opportunity offers for women. My passion is passing on this business to help women grow in their confidence, make a great income while living out their priorities & values.


The Linton Nation Unit & I have earned 5 free cars.  We have been recognized in the Top 10 of our National Area for 5 years including the #2 Unit in their National’s Area in 2013. We were also recognized for hitting the Circle of Achievement 2 years in a row selling $350,000 worth of product within a year! (We’re kinda a big deal & I love these women!)

So here I am with *fistfuls of confetti*

…focused on building POWERFUL WOMEN of EXCELLENCE to be the BEST they can BE! I’m ready to start this journey with you!

And when I’m not “doing this Mary Kay thing”, there’s a good chance you’ll find me:

… in yoga pants snuggling with my hubby & baby; reading a good book, drinking good coffee, being a pug mom, working out, creating, taking pictures, learning more about myself, trying to live more intentionally, appreciating people and following Jesus.


I’m so glad you’re here.


Love & belief,


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